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Equipment: Drying equipment
Equipment Type: Drying Equipment -> Others
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Post Time: 2017-10-09
Main Features:  1、Hot air enters into stirring and crushing and drying chamber from the bottom of drier with suitable atomizing speed. It exerts strong shearing, blowing, floating and rotating effect to raw material   2、Dry gas enters into the bottom of drier,generating strong rotating airflow, thus making a strong rushing effect for the material stuck on the wall to eliminate the phenomenon that the material stuck on the wall.   3、In the high temperature zone of the bottom of dryer, heat sensitive material does not close contact with hot surface, and special device was equipped at the bottom of dryer to solve the problem that the coking discoloration of heat-sensitive materials.   4、Due to the high speed of gas at circle inside the drying chamber and the staying time of raw material is short, high efficiency and quick speed can be realized.   5、There are elutriation ring and rotating flow at the top of the drying chamber to control the size and temperature of the product. So it can meet the requirement moisture and granule of different raw material.   Application scope   Organics: Atrazine (pesticides)、lauric acid cadmium benzoic acid, sodium oxalate, sterilization Dan, cellulose acetate, organic pigments, etc   Dyestuff : Anthraquinones, black iron oxide, indigo dye, butyrate, titanium oxide, zinc sulfide, various azo dye intermediates   Inorganic substance: Borax, calcium carbonate, hydrogen peroxide, copper sulfate, ferric oxide, TanSuanBei, three antimony oxide, all kinds of metal salt,synthetic cryolite etc.   Food: Soybean protein, gelatinized starch, vinasse, triticum, wheat starch
Description: Hot air enters into stirring and drying chamber from the bottom of dryer with suitable atomizing speed. It exerts strong shearing, blowing, floating and rotating effect to raw material. Therefore raw material is granulated through centrifugating, shearing, impacting and friction effect. It strengthens the process of heat exchange. At the bottom of dryer, the large and damp granule is crushed under the action of stirrer and the granule that is small in particle and contain less moisture will lift accompanied with revolving air stream. During the period of lift, it is dried further. Because gas and solid two phases flow in heat exchange, so the machine has strong drying capacity
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